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Company Overview

While Sedna is a small business, we provide customer services which combine the capabilities typically provided by large contractors with the flexibility and responsiveness of a small subcontractor. These services include Program Management/Integration, Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Integration Engineering, Subcontract/Logistics Management as well as many other services related to the today’s cutting edge technology. As such, Sedna considers itself to be a "mini" prime contractor. Although our core competency is systems/software engineering and integration, our greatest strength is our technical expertise relative to complex as well as simple problems related to the US Navy’s undersea systems. We have the following core values.


Sedna provides the contractual benefits of dealing with a small business, plus the dynamics and rapid response of a company that’s ready for action. You’ll deal directly with experts who can answer your questions, and you’ll always have access to managers who keep schedules moving and budgets under control.


Our strong background in technology and software, combined with extensive access to emerging science, allows us to offer you resources typically found only at large companies. We apply the perspective of a senior brain trust to every project; seasoned specialists who know how to make science work for business.


The engineers at Sedna have had vast experience in their respective fields.  For over a decade, Sedna engineers have demonstrated world-class technical depth and breadth for dozens of government customers. Our blend of discipline and innovation, integrity and efficiency keeps clients coming back.