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Areas of Expertise

Systems Engineering and Integration

Expertise in Acoustic System design and software integration. Experience with ARCI, APB(A), APB(T), ACB, AN/BYG-1 and many other systems.

Advanced Algorithms

Experience in formulating and engineering complex signal processing algorithms.
Expertise in evaluating algorithm performance.

Digital Signal Processing

Extensive background in acoustic signal processing, including beamformer design (conventional and adaptive), detection algorithms (broadband and narrowband), passive automation, and data acquisition design and implementation. Experience with a wide variety of real-time embedded platforms such as Intel i860, Mercury PPC, and Intel x86-based Linux.

Open/Transportable Architecture Software

Experience in designing and implementing middleware software.
Expertise in open architecture software standards.

Design and Production of Electronic Components

Sedna has a Quality Management System for the design and production of electronic components.  This system has been assessed and approved by National Quality Assurance, U.S.A. against the provisions of the ISO 9001:2015.  Sedna's products include multiple versions of the Single Port Array Controller (SPAC).