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SeaPort-e Quality Assurance Program

Sedna Digital Solutions embeds Quality Assurance from program inception through contract completion in every program we support. Quality Assurance is obtained through advanced planning, assignment of qualified staff resources and tools for use in program and project management.

Sedna’s Program Manager will review the contract performance on a regular basis, at a minimum quarterly to confirm adherence to contract performance requirements and standards and to monitor preventive and corrective actions as appropriate.

Problems identified during the performance of a project are quickly assessed by the management team. Each member of the team is encouraged to identify all issues at every level of the project.

This process ensures all risks are identified early, prioritized properly, communicated with the customer/project team, analyzed for the best possible solution, mitigated through agreed upon backup plans or parallel paths and fully tracked through to closure/resolution.

Customer feedback and performance assessments are encouraged and actively used by Sedna to foster a continuous improvement environment.



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